Episode 12: Week 2 Recap

September 20, 2017

This week Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) recape week 2 and give a week 3 preview


Episode 11: FOOTBALL IS BACK! Week 1 recap

September 13, 2017

Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) break down week 1 and give their predictions for week 2. FOOTBALL IS BACK!


Episode 10: 53 man projections

August 30, 2017

This week Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) give their 53 man roster projections for the Eagles and Cowboys.


Episode 9: pre season week 1 breakdown

August 16, 2017

On this episode Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) discuss how good it is for ACTUAL football to be played.


Episode 8: Football has arrived!

July 26, 2017

Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) discuss the beginning of training camp and things get a little heated....


Episode 7: Training Camp Preview

July 12, 2017

Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) discuss their biggest things to look forward to in training camp. Follow the show on twitter @TrollFreeSports.


Episode 6: NBA and NFL Rankings

June 28, 2017

Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) talk NBA and NFL rankings.


Episode 5: OTAs and Early Predictions

June 15, 2017

Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) talk about OTAs and give their early predictions for the NFL awards.


Episode 4: Top 10 (Part 2)

June 1, 2017

Carl (@PastorCarlDay) and Jeff (@Phillyfreck215) continue their lists of top 10 but this week they do the defensive players.


Episode 3: Top 10 (Part 1)

May 17, 2017

Jeff (@PhillyFreck215) and Carl (@PastorCarlDay) begin the top 10 series by giving their top 10 quarterbacks, runningbacks, and wide receivers going into the 2017 season. Follow the show on twitter @TrollFreeSports. It gets ugly at the end of this one....